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Thursday, July 3

The most joyous gay film of the year, WERE THE WORLD MINE, is the perfect closer to our 2008 Festival! As the gay outcast at an all-boys prep school, Timothy (Tanner Cohen) is prone to daydreaming about the handsome jock. But his are no ordinary flights of fancy; they’re musical theater extravaganzas, complete with show-stopping songs, dazzling sets, and pirouetting rugby player chorus boys.

So when the drama teacher invites Timothy to audition for A Midsummers’ Night Dream, we know that theater is his destiny. With a voice like honey, he’s cast as the mischievous Puck, and - in a delicious surprise - shares the stage with Jonathon, the aforementioned handsome jock (Nathaniel David Becker). But the rabidly anti-gay coach wants to shut down the production: some of the school’s finest athletes have been cast in female roles, and what could be more hetero-threatening than that?!

ProductionStillWTWM2aAside from Timothy’s “heteroflexible” but dyke-a-licious girl-pal Frankie (Robin William’s daughter, Zelda), this small town is teeming with homophobes. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that lovestruck Timothy really gets into character and turns all that upside down.

The mastermind behind this bedazzled confection is Tom Gustafson who lets his imagination explode. He’s assembled a vibrant cast of adorable young talents on the rise. And the way he brings Shakespeare to life via song is genius; from plaintive ballads to brilliantly-choreographed dance numbers, this is musical showmanship that rivals Hedwig! The best thing, though, is that he doesn’t just dabble in brief moments of magic; he lets Timothy’s purple-pink fantasies and Puck’s erotic spell take over the entire film

USA - 2008 - 95 minutes


All Seats $8.50

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Tivoli Cinemas in Westport Manor Square • 4050 Pennsylvania • Kansas City, MO 64111

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