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Saturday, June 28

You’ll love this thoroughly modern high school romantic comedy. 16 year-old Gertrude aka Tru is a typical high school teenager from an atypical home - she is raised by her two moms, who have just moved to a new town in suburban southern California, while her two dads remain in San Francisco. At school, Tru catches the eye of Lo, the closeted star quarterback who soon makes a deal with Tru to pretend they are an item.

It’s seems like a perfect solution – it keeps Lo’s friends and family from asking too many questions, and it allows Tru to instantly find a place to belong in her new school. But when Tru befriends picked-upon openly gay student Walter and decides to join him in forming a Gay-Straight Alliance, she falls for GSA member Trevor, a handsome metrosexual who has been raised by his gay uncle.Her new love affair threatens to expose Lo’s true desires and standing as big man on campus.

Funny, fresh, and endearing, and featuring breakout performances from its young cast, plus appearances by Alexandra Paul, Jasmine Guy, Bruce Vilanch, Marcia Wallace, Dave Kopay and many others.

Directed by Stewart Wade - USA - 2008 - 99 minutes


All Seats $8.50

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Tivoli Cinemas in Westport Manor Square • 4050 Pennsylvania • Kansas City, MO 64111

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