Lesbian Comedy Showcase:
The D-Word,
Straight Hike for the Butch Dyke,
and Never Rob A Bank with Someone You Love

THE D-WORD USA / 56 Minutes
STRAIGHT HIKE New Zealand / 24 Minutes
NEVER ROB A BANK / 11 Minutes

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Heres a great comedy trio of womens films that full of laughs! First up: youve been to viewing parties. and rented Season One from the video store, and maybe even been all bitched to high heaven that the butch is wearing so much makeup.

Well, bring it on, as this crew of filmmakers takes on that L series with a parody in New York style. Get ready for THE D WORD.

With tongue placed firmly in cheek, THE D WORD, produced in part by Dyke TV and starring Marga Gomez, follows a group of young queer friends and family as they stumble through work and sex lives. Following the general format of that other series, THE D WORD characters look more like real people flawed, sexy, and living in remarkably smaller apartments than their L.A. counterparts.

Another takeoff on a queer television phenomenon, STRAIGHT HIKE FOR THE BUTCH DYKE is a treat from the ladies Down Under. As the femme four try to add a little sugar to a tomboy butch, it looks like maybe the makeover works the other way around.

A treat for those familiar with the originals and newbies alike, this program takes a gander at queer pop culture through a more independent lens. Cindy M. Emch

Jill Maxcys short film NEVER ROB A BANK WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE is a very well done spoof of TV News Magazine shows. A sexy, young inter-racial couple is profiled about first (and last) bank heist. USA / 11 Minutes