Saving Face

USA / 91 Minutes

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Our opening night film is the much celebrated work of a young lesbian director. Written as a love-letter to her own mother, director Alice Wu has crafted a remarkably assured debut feature that mixes Chinese traditional family values, Western life-choices, secrets between a mother and daughter, love between two women, and an unplanned pregnancy all with a keenly observant eye filtered through a Chinese-American sensibility.

Wilhelmina Wil is a successful single surgeon looking for love. Ma (Joan Chen), her widowed mother, lives in Flushing , Queens with her elderly parents. Wil has a secret shes not told her mother, shes got a huge crush on Vivian, a vivacious stunning Chinese dancer. Just when things are beginning to heat up between them, Wil comes home to find Ma on her doorstep with her luggage.

Thrown out for disgracing the family name, 48-year old single Ma is pregnant and not willing to reveal the biological fathers name. As mother and daughter adapt to their circumstances, Wils clandestine relationship with Vivian intensifies, but the strains are beginning to creep to the surface forcing Wil to make a difficult choice between her role as dutiful daughter or losing the woman she loves.

Intelligent, funny, inspired, celebratory, warm and intimate SAVING FACE is ultimately the story of two women, mother and daughter, and the journey they both have to take to live their lives honestly across cultures