All Over the Guy

Directed by Julie Davis


All Over the Guy is a contemporary romantic comedy about the quest to find "the one." Sparks fly when Jackie (Sasha Alexander, from TV's Dawson's Creek) meets Brett (Adam Goldberg, from Saving Private Ryan). But they're both too cowardly to make the first move. So, instead they set up their respective gay best friends, Tom (Richard Ruccolo, from TV's Two Guys and a Girl) and Eli (writer/producer Dan Bucatinsky), hoping that a successful match between the two men will create opportunities for Jackie and Brett to spend more time together. Tom and Eli couldn't be more different, however, and their first date leads to annoyance for the distant and moody Tom and anxiety for the high-strung Eli. Regardless, their attraction is apparent, and a tempestuous relationship begins. But while Eli does everything he can to make it work, Tom seems to do everything he can to sabotage it. Will they surrender to their own hearts, as Brett and Jackie have, or is their relationship doomed? Featuring wonderfully believable characters, a witty script, and humorous cameos by Christina Ricci, Lisa Kudrow, Andrea Martin, and Doris Roberts, All Over the Guy is a winning film about finding true love.

After the screening of All Over the Guy stay with us for our first ever awards ceremony. Voted on by the festival's production team and attended, the best films and performances will be honored in this informal gathering. Come and join in the dialogue.

Thursday, July 5 7:30