The Naked Civil Servant

Directed by Jack Gold

80 mins (1975)

If you think gay history began with Elton John, there's another Brit you desperately need to know about. The special screening will be hosted by Louis Colianni, Assistant Profesor of Theatre at UMKC and a personal friend of Quentin's John Hurt is masterful in the title role of this biography of Quentin Crisp, the British author and wit who was one of the first crusaders for gay rights. Based on Crisp's best-selling memoirs of one man's struggle to live his life as he chooses. Immediatly following the screening, the audience is invited to attend an informal coffee discussion led by Mr. Colaianni who is also the curator of the online collection at He will share recollections of Quentin's wit and wisdom as well as the value of his legacy to today's LGBT community.

Wednesday, July 4 1:00