Directed by Quentin Lee


In the mid-'90s, director Quentin Lee achieved notoriety as an enfant terrible of the New Queer Cinema scene when his first video short was barred from entering Japan. It his latest feature release, DRIFT uses a theme popularized by SLIDING DOORS and THE MEXICAN, allowing the audience to see how a character's life would have turned out different had he made different decisions in his life. It is a structure that provides some fascinating twists on desire and attraction. In one strand, a young screenwriter, who moves out on his longtime boyfriend, is drowning his sorrows in a bar when he ends up in bed with an aggressive tourist. The following morning, that tourist wonders if he should contact an old high school buddy he's lost contact with. The film's next strand finds the tourist - never having met the screenwriter, in bed with his high school buddy (who in the previous strand) was the screenwriter's boyfriend. DRIFT provides an enticing look at relationships woven within relationships. An official selection at the 2001 San Francisco Film Festival and OUTFEST LA.

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Thursday, June 28 5:30