Come Undone

Directed by Sébastien Lifshitz

a.k.a. Presque Rien ~100 mins (2000)

In Sébastien Lifshitz impressive debut feature, two gorgeous young men, the shy Mathieu (Elkaim) and the very forward Cédric discover a passion for each other that is hot and smouldering like the French summer sun under which they bask. Each and every frame is as rich and luscious as the view that Cédric and Mathieu have; as they watch each other from afar, longing oozes between them. Cautiously, they slink a little closer to one another until Cédric seduces Mathieu. Time appears to stand still for the boys while they languish in each other¹s beauty, bathe in the sea and roll with each other in the sand dunes. Their passionate affair continues against all the odds, including an ailing mother and accusations of attempted murder. Holiday romances should, however, remain just that. As the passion between the two boys boils over, it becomes ever more impossible for them to stay together. The intimacy of the beautiful cinematography takes us close-up to this hot, sexy and romantic story of young love. Come Undone is an enchanting film that helps us celebrate the best in queer European cinema.

Monday, June 25 8:00