Burlesk King

Directed by Mel Chionglo

109 mins (1999)

A merging tale of sex and prostitution, along with raw sexuality and hard-hitting politics. This macho dancer film showcases the young and beautiful boys who are recruited to dance and sell themselves to sex tourists. The story follows Harry, a boy with a troubled past (his American father used to pimp him and his mother. Harry escapes believing his father killed his mother and sets out for a new life in Manila. While there, Harry falls into web of unfortunate and sexually intense relationships. As hopes for a new life fade, he begins a hunt for his father to exact vengeance for ruining his life and ending that of his mother. Harry finds his father in a lonely shack in a squatters' area in the heart of the city. His father, nearly skin and bones and dying of AIDS, is being taken care of by an old friend, Miong. His father tells him his mother is alive after all. Harry looks for her in Angeles City, where aging hookers ply their trade in darkened sidestreets. Harry and mother are reunited. She teaches him forgiveness. They seek out Harry's father to bring him home. Harry learns to accept his part and finally attains his salvation. Philippines, In Tagalog with English subtitles

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Monday, June 25 5:30