Poetic Healings

Directed by Chinwe Odeluga

This potent documentary presents the poetry of lesbian and bisexual women of color speaking out about abuse, acceptance, biphobia, breast cancer, lesbianphobia, racism, survival and triumph. Through readings peformed by the poets themselves, the viewer is brought along on a brave journey through difficult subjects. Their stories, along with the original music, begin to weave a tapesty of healing that is both enlightening and transformational. Poetic Healings was funded in part by the city of Austin under the auspices of the Austin Arts Commission and the Texas Commission on the Arts. It recently screened at "Healing Works, The First National Conference on Lesbians and Cancer."

The Kansas City screening is hosted by My Sister's Room, a Kansas City based group for lesbians and bisexual women of color. Poet & Producer/Director Chinwea Odeluga will attend this attend the screening and discuss the film with the audience. My Sister Room will host a workshop presented by Ms. Odeluga exploring the use poetry in support of the healing process on Sunday afternoon. For more information, contact My Sister Room at (816) 561-7025

Saturday, June 23 7:00