Dykes & Their Dogs/Jayne's World

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Dykes & Their Dogs
DYKES AND THEIR DOGS is even more than the title suggests. An uproarious musical/comedy Dykeumentary about the popular Dykes & Their Dogs Contest held annually in West Hollywood, California. This is not just another day in the park. With contest categories showcasing: Most Butch, Most Femme, Best Singer, Best Kisser, and Best Owner-Look-Alike, it is hard to distinguish who is really performing the tricks, the Dykes or the Dogs. Filled with a rainbow of characters, some four-legged, some two-legged, and some "somewhere in between."

Jayne's World
From the Denver LGBT community (where Focus on the Family and the PromiseKeepers live nearby) comes Jayne's World, a 63-minute takeoff on Wayne's World. No Wayne and Garth, but two lesbians who deliver up a totally original take on male and female video geeks today. In Jayne's World, a rabid TV evangelist tries to censor this lesbian public access show as pornography. Refusing to be silenced, the show's creators are actually inspired by the absurdity of Rev. Dick Dixon's fundamentalist rhetoric. The more he protests and pickets, the better and more popular Jayne's World gets! Will Dixon's final threat bring down our heroines -- or backfire? A thorough debunking of religious homophobia, Jayne's World was shot on digital video, and features comediennes Ann Lincoln (who Willow Productions brought to KC last year) and Fawn Oates, with music performed by Gravity Struck, Subtle Edge, Sabra Faulk and (the Bra*Flowers). Not for the serious-minded or those looking for high production values Come get some good yucks for a few bucks in ths ingeniously original lesbian comedy.

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Saturday, June 23 5:00