Not Love, Just Frenzy

Directed by Alfonso Albacete and Miguel Bardem

a.k.a. Mas Que Amor, Frenesi ~125 mins (1996)

The missing film from our fall festival returns for our opening weekend. Yeye, Monica, and Maria throw a wild party in the hopes of finding a roommate. Instead, they become targets of an ex-boyfriend turned male prostitute running from the law, a homophobic under-cover cop, a transsexual lesbian pimp, and a trio of drag queens who terrorize Madrid's mass transit system! In the spirit of Almodovar, this hilarious and raunchy comedy set in the twilight world of Madrid's club scene features devilishly sexy performances from an attractive, young cast set to the pulsating rhythms of an energetic dance soundtrack and drag costumes from out of this world.

Saturday, June 23 2:00