The Making of A Legend


USA / 96 Minutes

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It's not often the all-male adult entertainment industry leaders allow a documentary filmmaker onto their closed sets....let alone a blond, pig-tailed free spirited woman with the name mr. Pam.

COLT fans have often wished they could have been the proverbial fly on the wall when their favorite features are being made. Thanks to mr. Pam this is as close as it gets.

You are taken behind the scenes on the 17-day shoot of the award-winning and record-breaking film "BuckleRoos" Unforgettable moments from stars such as Dean Phoenix, Zak Spears, Owen Hawk and Marcus Iron -- multi-award winning directors John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas -- and the tireless crew who together create the magic.

While the muted scenes of the action are sexy, its the off-camera interactions that are sexier, from the straight production assistant who drops trou for anyone needing inspiration to the director of photography who has bedded most of his assistants.

The prestigious Frameline festival in San Francisco had this to say about eXposed:

The interviews with cast and crew are insightful and funny, with stories of heartbreak, former ministries, and what exactly their parents think they do for a living. Free of the usual sad boy parade found in most porn docs, eXposed conveys a sense of the men behind the huge cocks. While they arent Fulbright scholars, some may surprise you, like the Southern boy paying his way through law school by doing porn. Youll laugh, be amazed, and still be aroused from this behind-the-scenes look at the making of a fantasy.