Dear Friends:

item3Both our closing night films offer you something you've never seen before.

A young man turns his close-minded town gay in the musical fantasy WERE THE WORLD MINE, and a local videographer turns her lens on our community to find out WHEN DID YOU KNOW?

Get a video sneak peek at one of the musical numbers here.

Listen to some of the amazing original songs at the films MySpace page here.

And, catch a backstage interview with the director and two male leads here.


LISABWTonight's also marks the debut of the first film commissioned by the festival, WHEN DID YOU KNOW?

Read a quick interview with filmmaker Lisa Marie Evans and some of the people whose stories are featured here.

See what Kansas City had to say when we asked them the one simple question every LGBT person knows the answer to, but answers completely differently: When did you know you were different from the other boys and girls

Responses were gathered at the this year's Pride Festival by KKFI 90.1's THE TENTH VOICE, from video shoots in the Crossroads, and from submissions from people like you. (You might see someone you know up on the big screen!)

Everyone's story is unique and Lisa Marie has had the daunting task of selecting and weaving all this together into one uniquely, original film.

Tickets for WHEN DID YOU KNOW at 6:00pm are just $3.00 Purchase them in person - cash only - at the Tivoli Box Office.

Tickets for WERE THE WORLD MINE at 8:00pm are regular festival prices and can be ordered now online or today at Tivoli Box Office. EARLY TICKET PURCHASE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

Come celebrate the holiday weekend a little early with some original cinematic fireworks at the Tivoli. Thank you for your support of the 2008 Festival. See you tonight!

Jamie Rich
Festival Director

Remember, if you have questions, we're happy to answer them.
or call (816) 931-0738.




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